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The Body Mind Center Fergus Falls

Experience The Iyengar Method

Yoga is for everyone. No one is too old or too stiff, too fat or thin or tired. We welcome all students regardless of age, ability, size, background or any other factor.  About Iyengar Yoga...

Yoga During Pregnancy

Practicing yoga during pregnancy has many benefits, including stress relief, easing discomfort, and preparing you for labor.

Practicing yoga regularly throughout your pregnancy will strengthen and tone the pelvic muscles, increase flexibility in the pelvis, relieve back pain, soothe the nervous system and facilitate calm and deep breathing.

The use of props makes Iyengar yoga particularly helpful for the expectant mother. Many poses can be modified to provide benefit while in a safe and supported position.

Check out our photo gallery for examples of pregnancy yoga!

Iyengar Yoga Links

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We offer classes in the Iyengar method of yoga weekly at the beginner and intermediate levels.

Intro – Ongoing: For students who are new to yoga and new to the Iyengar method, standing, seated, and basic inversions and other fundamental poses are introduced.


Level I – Ongoing: For those who have attended Intro Yoga and are ready to move on to more advanced poses.  Basic poses are refined, new poses, including shoulder stand, headstand and some backbends will be introduced.


Level II – Ongoing: This class is for students who are strong in standing poses and do headstand, shoulderstand, and are working on handstand and deeper backbends.


A Note for New Students

You do not have to be "in shape," young and flexible to join a yoga class. The yoga poses are a unique form of exercise in that the same pose can benefit all body types. They build strength where strength is needed; they build flexibility where flexibility is needed; they release tension where it is unwanted. Prolonged yoga practice increases the individual’s physiological, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Please join us at the Body Mind Center to begin your journey.


Please wear shorts or foot-less tights, bare feet and empty stomach.
No baggy pants or heavy perfumes.

Class Fees:

Fees: $10.00 per class with the purchase of a $100.00 punch card. Drop in fee $15.00 per class.

To register for classes:

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Phone: 218.998.3885