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Massage or 'structured touching' is touching with a purpose. It is directed toward relieving muscle pain and stress, increasing body awareness and creating equilibrium. The intention is to create a deeper state of awareness and energized relaxation.

Esalen-style massage draws from both Swedish massage and sensory awareness (a method of teaching people to get in touch with their bodies). This style of massage is characterized by long sweeping strokes puctuated by deep specific work, passive joint movement and personal connection. Read about Esalen Massage...

Prenatal Massage

Massage can be a wonderful part of your prenatal care. Massage can help alleviate some of the most common discomforts of pregnancy including backache and RLS (restless leg syndrome). It can also relax you and reduce anxiety and stress associated with your pregnancy. Both Katy and Crystal are experienced caregivers sensitive to the needs of expectant mothers, and they look forward to helping you have a wonderful pregnancy!


Experience Esalen Massage


Relax, take a break and enjoy an upper body and neck massage.

45 minutes - $70


Enjoy relaxation and relief as you release deeply held patterns of tension in this full body massage.

75 minutes - $95 


Experience the spaciousness of the body as you connect with your inner healing potential. This therapeutic massage allows for sufficient time to address chronic pain and tension in all areas of the body.

hour 45 minutes - $130

For appointments:

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Toll Free: 888.303.6937

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About Esalen Massage

Esalen massage is characterized by long, sweeping, oiled strokes punctuated by deep specific work, passive joint movement, and personal connection, to create a deeper state of awareness and energized relaxation in the receiver. The importance of touch to promote growth, as well as our vast capacity for self healing, has been well documented. Massage reconnects us with that potential.

Massage is “structured touching” or touching with a purpose. This purpose may be directed toward relieving muscle pain and stress, increasing body awareness, or bringing equilibrium to a life in crisis. Tangible outcomes can be experienced in the active stimulation of skin, lymph and blood, relaxation of the muscles and nervous system, elimination of metabolic waste, stretching of connective tissues and release of a tranquilizing effect into the entire parasympathetic nervous system. It is a healthy way of relieving stress and reconnecting with the body. It is a process of re-educating and re-integrating the physical, mental and emotional

The recipient is gently urged to become an active participant through heightened awareness and surrendering to a deep sensing place. Long lengthening strokes with gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement, sculpting of deep musculature and trigger point work are the hallmarks of this style of massage. Personal attention takes precedence over technique, thus each massage is unique in itself.

ESALEN massage seeks to help the person live more comfortably in his or her own body and integrate body, mind and spirit into a more harmonious whole person. Part of the attitude of ESALEN is that touching is a basic need, as essential as air, food or water: that caring about others is natural; that getting in touch with one's own body leads to a more effective way of loving and relating to others, and that healing comes from within as well as from the outside.

Learn more about Esalen massage at

How to Receive A Massage:

  • Shower before coming.
  • Give yourself time before and after the massage.
  • Drink plenty of water after receiving your massage to help flush the released toxins from the body.
  • Please notify The Body Mind Center 24 hours in advance of cancellation.
  • Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard accepted